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Derwent Valley Light Railway

Friends of DVLR Google Group.

Fair use and respect on-line.

We want everyone who joins Friends of DVLR Google Group to feel happy and secure in using the Forum. To this end, we feel that there is no better way of ensuring that every member's aim is genuine than their being bound by their original agreements with Google. This is the way DVLR seeks to provide some reasonable protection for the Forum's users to enjoy the Forum's benefits while guaranteeing as as far as is reasonably possible that there is respect for one another and one others' views. We do not therefore need to ask you to make any further agreements with us, DVLR and DVLRS.


However, if despite the foregoing, you do discover anything inappropriate, we do ask, please help us by reporting it to us. To protect your enjoyment as a genuine user and others like you, DVLR promises that it will remove any reported abuse including use of profane language.


Please take up membership and enjoy being a member discussing on-line this amazing railway with other frends of DVLR on Friends of DVLR Google Group.

You can email DVLR at info@dvlr.org.uk

Derwent Valley Light Railway,

c/o Yorkshire Museum of Farming,

Murton Lane, Murton, York, YO19 5UF.

Derwent Valley Light Railway Society is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Registered number 116162