Santa Specials 2016 Pictures

Derwent Valley Light Railway

Some pictures from 2016 Santa Specials Season.

Below: Pictures taken on 10th December 2016.

FAB-U-LOUS excitement at The Derwent Valley Light Railway

and at Santa's Murton Park Village.


The Cosy Station Waiting Room. Later, on the train, Santa made his way through to give children Christmas presents.

The glee of children as they received presents from Santa during the train journey and their concentration on opening them.



Visitors could later share Santa's seat in his grotto, after alighting from the train, back at Murton Park Station.


Below, Santa with a goat on a tether! Maybe the reindeer were having a rest after the journey from Lapland?

The adventure continued, leaving the train and Murton Park Railway Station for adjacent Murton Park where, for all to hear, Elf Bauble communicated with Santa, who apparently had in meanime taken off and was overhead. Pity about the intervening cloud, despite which some claimed to have definitely seen Santa and his sleigh up there! Continuing the tour, Elf Bauble pointed out and explained things of interest in a very amusing way. There was great myrrhth (that's a kind of mirth associated with Christmas) and merriment. Eventually Yuleskool came into view and we were allowed to see the elves during roll call and being tested by Headmaster, yes Elf Bauble! It was very humorous.


There was a famous person visiting Yuleskool, a vistor all the WAY from the USA. CIA insist I can't tell YOU WHO it is!


Inside Santa's Parcel depot, lights played around in a spectacular fashion for which this still image cannot do justice.


The tour continued between and through various other of Santa's buildings.

I have heard a rumour that through a slight navigational error coming from Lapland, instead of a touch-down landing at Derwent Valley Railway Station, Santa had a splash-down in the Derwent River. Thank goodness the presents were safe, but his clothes were saturated. We resolved not to tell anyone the rumour as it might have been unfounded and anyway we wouldn't have wanted him to feel embarrassed, at least not before he delivered the presents anyway! But look at these chuckling at the evidence:

One of the elves handed out a light hearted fun-quiz to take home. There was no need to get exam stress.

Honestly even those (hush-stupid) elves, could have answered them themselves.

"Well, them's elves 4 ya." Briillliant visit! Lot's of fun. I wonder, "What will the elves have in store in Dec. 2017?"

Following in the Specials Tradition.


The Blackberry Line got that colloquial name from its popular blackberry picking special trains in the late 1920s. At other times, specials were run for enthusiasts and even for picnics. DVLR's Santa Specials follow in the line's long successful tradition of providing enjoyment by running Special Trains.

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