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Derwent Valley Light Railway

Stories and Pictures

1. Santa Specials 2016.

Some pictures showing the fun that was had on the train and on the Elf- Guided Tour of Santa's Village.

2. Some of the reports from 2016.


A revisit to some of the items which were newsworthy in 2016.

DVLR History: Sources and Resources.


The information and stories linked to below and historical sourcing across the DVLR website are from the DVLR Society archives under the stewardship of Jonathan D. Stockwell. He has been the major player in hunting down and bringing together the wealth of archive material he holds for the benefit of the DVLR Society. Together with Ian Drummond, Jonathan made the DVLR's history available in the book, "Rails Along The Derwent." Enthusiasts and the freshly curious alike are enthralled with the book. Not only that, but by purchasing the book, you will be also be benefitting the DVLRS financially as Jonathan selflessly foregoes his share of the profit by donating it to the DVLR Society.

The stories

3. Modern Times on DVLR is about times (with pictures) since the establishment of the Heritage DVLR.

4. Historic Times on DVLR is a pictorially supported outline of the period of the DVLR (and DVR) before the re-establishment of the current DVLR heritage line.

5. Those Blackberry Days on DVLR page is also one of the stories from the historic DVLR. This particular story deserves its own page as it tells of how the DVLR became affectionately known as "The Blackberry Line." The page includes an extract from a report in the "Leeds Mercury" newspaper in 1928. The story was reprinted from DVLR archives in the Spring 2016 DVLR Society News to coincide with when the Derwent Valley Light Railway decided to make the name Blackberry Line formal and erected a corresponding new sign at its entrance.

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