Some Reports from 2016

Derwent Valley Light Railway

Some reports from 2016.

The Quarterly Newsletter.


The Autumn 2016 Edition of the DVLR SOCIETY NEWS (Number108) was published at the beginning of November. The DVLR Society News booklet is produced quarterly and is always highly informative and eagerly awaited by DVLR Society members. If you are or you become a member, you will receive the booklet free. If you are a non-member, the booklet is available to you too for 50p. You can find out in detail about the recent exciting and very interesting quarter at DVLR. The Newsletter publishers, DVLR archivists, Jonathan and Stuart Stockwell, report that they have received more articles and photographs than space permits and items are already lined up for the next edition.


The cover picture is of the signal box looking proud since it has been extensively externally refurbished.


One of many other things reported on: Another enhancement to the station's image.


The DVLR Society is delighted with the appearance of the platform now resurfacing has been completed. The new tarmac surface enhances Murton Park Station's country station image. It will be enhanced yet further as the colour matures.


Interesting Reports from The Mess Room in the Newsletter.


There are a number of volunteers doing invaluable selfless service maintaining or bringing into service locos and rolling stock. "Reports from the Mess Room" in the Newsletter tell you who they are and what they have been doing. Also find out the latest on the Loco Shed Project.

An Obituary: The death of Dennis Haydock.


The Newsletter also reports on the sad death of Dennis Haydock, Legion D'Honneur, aged 92. Dennis was a Normandy Veteran whose heroic exploits are outlined in the Autumn Newsletter. Along with other Normandy veterans, he was always to be seen on their annual visit to the DVLR. Dennis was awarded Honorary Membership of the DVLR on 19 June 2016.

The Society News booklets themselves are valuable for the information in them today. Inevitably, as today recedes into distant history, collections of the DVLR Society News will one day be prized important reference points for future historians of the DVLR to pore over still when digital files have been lost, wiped, corrupted or "virused." Do start collecting yours now. If you are not a DVLR Society member, please consider guaranteeing your DVLR Society News editions by becoming a member of DVLR Society yourself. Your subscriptions will obviously help DVLR too, but moreover you can then, if you wish, become part of the DVLR's volunteer community too.

The Annual Running Evening, 22 July 2016.

On Friday 22 July 2016 (c. 6pm-8.30pm), DVLR held its Annual Running Evening. This was, as usual, a special and highly enjoyable occasion. The event has become very popular. Enjoyment was enhanced by the weather's being so kind, as the evening was pleasantly warm. DVLR had four diesels – 03079, D2245, newly named Ruston 88 “Ken Cooke” (see below) and Ruston 165 “British Sugar York” all in operation.

The evening ran smoothly thanks to some good planning. The passenger train was filled to capacity on each run. The Wickham trolley was seen running too. If you missed this superb evening event with light refreshements provided and are wondering what it was like, the video will give you an insight. Ken Cooke himself was to be seen in the crowds. See the following article about Ken.

YouTube Video by Rod Ayres

A gallery from Jonathan D. Stockwell of the Annual Running Evening.

Next, a gallery from Rod Ayres of the Annual Running Evening.

19 June 2016. "Rowntrees No.3" gets to share an honourable name.

Ken Cooke, a Normandy Veteran, names the diesel shunter he once worked with.

Ken Cooke, a Normandy Veteran, unveils the locomotive nameplate during the York Normandy Veterans annual visit to the Derwent Valley Light Railway near York.

The Ruston Hornsby 88DS, a preserved Ex Rowntree & Co Ltd. No3 shunter owned by Glynnis & Tony Frith, was named Ken Cooke. Ken worked at the Rowntree cocoa works in York. He would hitch a ride on the locomotives to get around the factory site. On previous visits to the DVLR, Ken would always say to us, "Look after my engine." So, naming the Rowntree’s shunter, Ken Cooke was a fitting tribute to Ken who received the Legion d' Honneur, France’s highest military honour, in May this year. Ken lied about his age so he could fight for his country. He was only a boy of 16 when he joined up. Ken Cooke was joined by York Veterans, family, friends & six former Rowntree employees who came along to the naming ceremony to show their support. The DVLR presented the Normandy Veterans with honorary membership to the railway. Veterans & supporters enjoyed a train ride while Ken rode in the cab of his engine.

Both photographs by Stuart Stockwell.


Full details of the York Veterans' visit and more pictures were in the Summer 2016 edition of DVLR NEWS 107.

Spring 2016.

A new sign near Murton Park's magnolia welcomes visitors to the railway. Behind the sign is the iconic wheel with Derwent Valley Light Railway written on it.

Spring 2016, Examples of maintenance and improvement work at DVLR.


The Signal Box.


The signal box was undergoing restoration. Some wood was being replaced, paint rubbed down, putty in window frames replaced.


Repainting was being done by Dave Wilde when this picture was taken. The sliding window frames above the steps will need to be replaced as will the weather boards below the windows.

The Restoration Shed Project. This major project is mentioned in our Donations Page (link).

Work on engines and rolling stock: Sylvia.


The observation coach, "Sylvia" has had considerable work done to her to ensure her frame is watertight. An external makeover has brought out the best in her good looks. Along with internal refurbishment, the Society is justly proud of this unique coach.

Mark 1.

The 1953 British Rail Mk. 1 (E3805) for whose kind loan DVLR is indebted to NYMR is in course of being repainted at DVLR.



Other work on engines and coaches has been taking place to ensure the continued smooth running of our stock. Being of a technical nature, the details are not included here, but if you wish to be kept up to date on such, you can be, by becoming a member of the DVLR Society when we will keep you in touch by sending you DVLR Society Newsletters.

Mk. 1 3805. Photograph by Trevor Humbey.


So a reminder that details of many other things going on at DVLR can be found in the latest DVLR SOCIETY NEWS. Note that printed Newsletters are sent to members as soon as they are published (4 times each year usually in January, April, July and October).


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