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Help to Solve Santa's Problem.


Santa is almost rushed off his sleigh on Christmas Eve, delivering presents to all the children. He is in and out of houses too fast for us to see him. Anyway, Santa won't deliver those presents until he thinks children are fast asleep. Santa says, "Even if you did ever catch a fleeting glimpse of my red coat or heard the sleigh bells on Christmas Eve, I'd be gone instantly. There's no time to stop and talk." But the problem is that Santa would like children to be able to meet him.

Santa says he would love to see you and your family here at Murton Park in December 2017.

Santa Claus has once again accepted Murton Park's annual invitation to join in its seasonal festivities. So the Santa Special trains will be running again this year so in December 2017, Murton Park will once again be transformed into a Magical Winter Wonderland.

So, we asked Santa how children could actually meet him?

Santa's Answer was,


"Come on my Santa Special trains in December, before Christmas.

(I've posted a list of dates further down this webpage)

Then, I'll have time to talk with you and I'll give you an early Christmas present."

A Santa Special, mid-trip, on a crisp frosty morning.

From a Picture by Stuart Stockwell Photography.

The whole family will enjoy the festivities at Murton Park (and no pre-booking is required).

Meet The Elves

and the Head Elf.


In 2016, Santa's Elves were learning at ‘Yule School’ under the watchful eye of Headmaster Elf Bauble. Apparently, the Elves were naughty Elves and had a lot to learn! The year before, the Elves amused everyone by staging pantomime auditions. What will happen in 2017? Well come along and see. There's something fresh every year.


Take a ride on the Santa Special train.


And of course, meet Santa.

Tour Santa's Village.


During your visit take a guided tour of Santa’s village and take a peek into Santa's house. See the Elve's final preparations for Christmas. As some of this event will take place outdoors so it is always important to wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Santa's Gifts.


On the train, each child receives a gift from Santa.

Something for the grown-ups too.


Well, grown-ups when you've taken the trouble to get the kids ready and brought them along to enjoy the train ride, to see Santa, get their presents from him, tour his village and see how the elves are doing, it will be time for you to relax. Reflect on a job well done, with your complimentary glass of sherry and a mince pie and it'll be starting to feel a lot like Christmas!






includes the complimentary mince pie and sherry



includes the age appropriate free gift from Santa.

In December 2017, Santa Specials will be running on the dates in the table below.


Admission Times



9.30 am


Last admission

3.00 pm


A slide show of Father Christmas and some of the volunteers who worked on 2015 Santa Specials.

These two pictures of the Santa Special Train 2016 at the Runaround Section of the line are by courtesy of Matt Fisher."

Following in the Specials Tradition.


The Blackberry Line got that colloquial name from its popular blackberry picking special trains in the late 1920s. At other times, specials were run for enthusiasts and even for picnics. DVLR's Santa Specials follow in the line's long successful tradition of providing enjoyment by running Special Trains.

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