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DVLR Society News Number 116. Autumn 2018 edition. The Autumn 2018 edition This packed edition covered a very busy period for open days, including York Steam Rally, as well as a busy time in the Mess Room, completion of the new workshop and track realignments allowing  track to be dedicated to the Driver for a Fiver Experience, and much much more. Great value at £1 and even better, free to members. York Steam Rally. The biggest event ever held across Murton Park. It has its own pages. Start with the button below. Summer (August) Bank Holiday Weekend. This has a page of its own. DVLR Society News Number 115. Summer 2018 edition. The Summer 2018 edition  has been distributed to members. There are as always many interesting articles, such as: The story of the day Joanita Musisi from Radio York came to Murton Park Station to interview Glynnis and Tony Frith  about Rowntrees No.3. A second interviews that day was broadcast live Nationwide. By the time of close for submission of articles for the DVLR Society News 115, the video on Radio York’s Facebook had been viewed 41,550 times, thus being A great fillip for the DVLR’s renown and reputation.  The report on and pictures of Fathers Day shows what a good day it had been with the attendance of the York Normandy Veterans and The Classic Car Show which this year attracted a record number of classic cars. See the DVLR Society News for full details and pictures. There is a report and pictures from Annual July Friday Running Event. “Meet the Chairman” is an article to let members get to know more about DVLR Society’s new chairman, Allan Briggs. Amongst other things it covers his past, why he came to DVLRS and his intentions to aim high for the future of DVLR. Allan points out the need for new young volunteers to help drive plans forward with speed. DVLR has welcomed two recent acquisitions, articles from DVLR’s past.  They are the Layerthorpe Derwent Valley Station sign and a DVLR letter sorting box. There is a “shed” update. There is much more including an interesting Editorial,  “From The Messroom” gives you low down on the latest technical happenings at DVLR, and etc..  For £1, DVLR News is an excellent buy . DVLRS Members get it free as one of the privileges of membership. If you are not already a member, do consider joining. DVLR Annual Running Evening 20 July 2018. The 2018 Annual Running evening was well attended although the weather forecast had been  suggesting the possibility of showers. However, none materialised and for the whole evening the weather remained pleasant. Trips were made using different locos in various ways such as double headers outbound returning from the end-of- line runaround as top and tail such as D2245 / 03079 seen immediately below. There are a few more pictures on PCs and tablets.   The video below contains clips giving a flavour of the evening. The video lasts seven minutes. DVLR Society News 114, Spring 2018 published. The quarterly news bulletin was published at the end of May, a little later than usual, in order to await the firming up of the date for the Annual General Meeting, so the place, date and time could be notified to members through the Society News. The arrangements have been repeated above. The DVLR Society News provides the low-down, with pictures, on what has been happening at DVLR in the last quarter, as well as interesting articles and historical facts and pictures. £1 but free to members, sent directly to their homes. 10 April 2018.  Tony & Glynnis Frith on That’s York TV Tony and Glynnis Frith talk about the ex-Rowntree’s No.3 diesel in service at DVLR. Hear how they saved this once local locomotive from an ignominious end, allowing it to return to York for  loving restoration and regular maintenance to become one of the esteemed mainstays of Derwent Valley Light Railway, on (almost) its old home line. Family Fun Day. Sunday 25th March 2018 marked the Quarter-Centenary of commencement of passenger services on the heritage  line in 1993. All the locomotives & rolling stock have been given fitness to run inspections.  Reported by Glynnis Frith on Facebook 15 March 2018: There has been a lot of back of the scenes work going on at Murton, all the locomotives & rolling stock have been given fitness to run inspections in readiness for our 25th anniversary event on Sunday 25th March & the coming season. All are serviceable stock found fit to run. A big thank you goes to all involved for their hard work in  in getting the DVLR ready for the season. Yesterday other jobs were being done; signs were been put up around the bypass to advertise our anniversary event on 25th March. Again, thanks go to those involved. DVLR Society News. Number 113. Issued Feb. The DVLR Society News is an invaluable source of information about what is happening at DVLR. Besides news and photographs on happenings and events involving DVLR’s public face, there is in depth information about what is happening behind the scenes and the tremendous work of volunteers in the shed project, the long siding, and in bringing into and keeping the locos and track in good working order. Read all about it in DVLR Society News. 21.01.18. Ken Smith at Murton Swapmeet It is always a pleasure to see the York Normandy Veterans at Murton. So we were more than delighted when Ken Smith (92), who needs no introduction to DVLR enthusiasts, arrived at the above event with a BSA fold up bicycle similar to those that were brought ashore from landing craft on D Day. Ken said that most were discarded on the beach as conditions were hardly conducive to riding. He thoroughly enjoyed the event and he attracted a lot of attention.
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