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Cycle ride along DVLR track on Weds. 31 May evening.


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The Yard and Restoration Shed, ongoing work by volunteers.


The Yard and track continue to undergo reorganisation with the accomodation and use of the planned new Restoration Shed in mind. Volunteers will continue to be called on. See "Winter Track Laying" further down this page. Please watch out for further requests for volunteers in the future. Your help, no matter what you can do, is greatly appreciated. The current projects are exciting "milestone" develpments in the history of DVLR. If you wish to become a volunteer and assist, please contact DVLRS(link).

And - What's been happening:



An exciting unexpected discovery:


A DVLR branding iron discovered by chance, at auction, has been successfully bid for and brought back to DVLR.

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Winter Track Laying 11 Feb. 2017.

In a picture by Paul Scrimshaw.


Ken Lees, DVLRS Secretary, reported:

"On behalf of the Trustees, may I thank the members who turned up today to help relay the 2 switches of the turnout from the main line into the siding. We had a good turn out and this helped make sure that everything proceeded according to plan."


The weather:

"Fortunately the weather wasn't as horrific as had been forecast and we were able to achieve all that we set out to achieve today."


Further requests for volunteers' assistance in future:

"Please watch out for further requests in the future - your help, no matter what you can do, is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again, Ken Lees."

The DVLR Society News Booklet 109 (the Mid-Winter edition) was issued in early February 2017. It has been a very busy quarter, not only with preparing for and running the Santa-Specials, but also with the considerable progress made by volunteers particularly in relation to the multitude of tasks necessitated by the layout changes in the Restoration Shed project. Details are in the booklet's Shed Update section. The News Booklet also features the story of a day out with Grandma and Grandpa at Murton, contains a lot of interesting pictures including of the Santa Specials. There are technical reports from the Mess Room and North Eastern Coach update. These are just a few of articles inside for the price of just 50p. DVLR Society Members receive The DVLR Society News free, so if you are not a member do consider joining and you are then guaranteed to receive a copy of the News as soon as it is issued.

A very special donation to the society.

The News Booklet also reports that John Meredith of York has presented an historic Track Gauge Measure to DVLR Society Archivist, Jonathan Stockwell. The Society expresses its thanks for this very generous donation to the Society. For full details and pictures, see DVLR Society News 109.

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