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Latest: A long forgotten "lost" orphan artefact from DVLR is discovered by chance and brought back home.

Like Striking Gold?


Chance, fate or what?

On 25 March 2017, when Glynnis and Tony Frith set off for a railwayana auction at Thirsk, they had no idea that later, it would lead them to a discovery which must have given them a feeling like striking gold and then to Newark to rescue a previously unknown DVLR artefact.

As Tony said, they won!


And Glynnis and Tony were able to bring this valuable piece of DVLR history proudly back to its rightful home, where it will be treasured.


In the pictures, by Glynnis, is Tony holding the returned branding iron.

Glynnis recounts: "Tony & I went to a railwayana auction at Thirsk on 18th March. While we were there we were told of another auction the following week at Newark showground. I decided to have a look what was up for sale. When I was looking through the lots I came across something exciting, an artefact from the DVLR, a branding iron which we believe was to brand things like packing cases with the DVLR name, date unknown. I contacted the trustees & Jonathan, the railways archivist, to ask if they wished Tony & I to bid for the branding iron on behalf of the DVLR, it was decided to have go to bring this back to Murton.


On 25th March Tony & I drove to Newark hoping to succeed in buying the branding iron. Our lot number was 53. We were a little worried because most lots before ours were selling for lots of money so we thought we would not have the money to buy it. Lot 53 came up. The opening bid started at £40.00. Tony held up his bidders number. We had another person bidding for it. Tony kept his hand up but the price kept going ever higher; it was a very tense time as the price went up. Then, the other bidder dropped out. Lo & behold, we won the lot on our maximum we were going to pay; it was a lovely feeling as Tony whispered, "we won." I texted Jonathan straight away to let him know the outcome. He was pleased."

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