Derwent Valley Light Railway


Ruston & Hornsby 4wDM. Built 1959. No. 417892. Jim.

Picture by Trevor Humbey

Ruston & Hornsby Ltd of Lincoln was formed in 1918 when two companies, Ruston-Proctor & Co. Ltd. of Lincoln and Richard Hornsby & Sons Ltd. of Grantham, amalgamated. Their various engineering activities were expanded into locomotive production in the 1930s and their first diesel left the Anchor Street Works on 1st September 1931. Diesel production was transferred to the larger Boultham Works in the summer of 1932. This particular loco is 7.5 tons and is of the DS48 class, and proved popular with light shunting duties, 204 were built. The loco is chain driven, with a three speed gearbox and has a four cylinder Ruston 4YCL engine of 48hp, with a maximum tractive effort of 3480lbs. Leading dimensions are: length over buffers 13feet 7inches, height 10feet 1inch, width 7feet 4inches, wheelbase 5feet 2inches, and wheel diameter 2feet 6inches, which makes this loco smaller than most wagons. This loco was delivered new to Sir William Arrol & Co. Ltd., a steel stockyard in Glasgow. It was later sold to Crossley, Scrap metal merchant, in Shipley in 1975 where it worked until 1982 when it was sold to railway preservation.

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