Derwent Valley Light Railway

Volunteers needed.


Would you be interested in working with our team as a volunteer? All of us here at Derwent Valley Light Railway (DVLR) are volunteers for

The Derwent Valley Railway Society.


Why do we do what we do?

It's because for one thing, we are passionate about maintaining this priceless piece of our heritage for future generations to experience.and perhaps eventually extend the track of Derwent Valley Light Railway. For another thing, we want, at the same time, to provide facilities for enjoyment of the present generations. Could you feel the same? If so, please contact us.

Bringing back the DVLR is a former daydream made real through the vision and hard work of enthusiastic volunteers; enjoyable and worthwhile work as at the end of every stage, was the satisfaction of seeing that job completed and the re-opening of the DVLR getting that bit closer. Since the DVLR began running again, dreams for further developing the DVLR have continued. For example, there's the current Restoration Shed project (link) underway.

Turning a dream into reality.

More volunteers are needed not only to help to run the DVLR, but also to help to bring fresh objectives to fruition.




Eyes often look wistfully from the current end of the line along the old trackbed towards Osbaldwick. Could another major daydream one day become reality for the DVLR?

We need people to join the team which turns daydreams into reality. Who do we need?

You may already have certain skills which you feel would be valuable here. Even if you don't feel you have the skills but do have the passion, we will provide training.


DVLR Society uses engineers, engine drivers and platform staff. There are members doing clerical work and track maintenance to name a few.


We'd love it if you could dedicate some of your time to help, and join our

friendly committed team. If you could, please contact us. You can use the button to send us an email to volunteering@dvlr.org.uk

Derwent Valley Light Railway,

c/o Yorkshire Museum of Farming,

Murton Lane, Murton, York, YO19 5UF.

Derwent Valley Light Railway Society is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Registered number 116162