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Derwent Valley Light Railway

An appeal

for donations for DVLR to further the cause of regaining and maintaining this lovely heritage railway to ensure that people can keep coming here to visit and experience the past long into the forseeable future.

Achievements to date.


Over the years, getting the DVLR functioning once again to become today's gem, as a heritage passenger railway, was achieved by the sheer hard work and determination of volunteers; the planning, the achievements of re-laying track, getting and maintaining locomotoves and rolling stock, and raising the station from dilapidation. However, hard work and determination are not enough to achieve all that is needed to ensure the aims of further developing and protecting the DVLR and ensuring its long term future. Projects sometimes require capital expenditure over and above the current net revenues earned by the DVLR. In particular, an important capital expenditure is presently taking place to provide the shelter, space, and further equipment needed to repair and restore locomotives and rolling stock without being at the mercy of the elements.


The Restoration Shed Project.


As part of the Restoration Shed Project, the existing workshop, a railway van body, needed to be moved to rearrange space to best advantage. This in itself is no mean feat. In the process every viable part is salved for reuse in order to get the best value for money by eliminating avoidable expenditure and to preserve the character of the railway. Benefactors on whom we count to provide finance to assist the DVLR can be assured that the trustees will, as ever, ensure that every penny is made to count. Donations of any amount, large or small will be very gratefully received.


The completion of the Restoration Shed will be looked back upon as one of the particularly important milestones since the resurrection of the DVLR. Initial groundwork for the restoration shed began in 2014 and with ingenuity and effort, the project is forging ahead. Over £20,000 has so far been raised towards the project, but more is needed to achieve the full requirements for the undercover restoration facility. We would obviously be pleased to hear from any potential donors who wish to assist us in our ongoing projects on the DVLR.


Charitable status of the Derwent Valley Light Railway Society.


Derwent Valley Light Railway Society is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.


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Derwent Valley Light Railway Society is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

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