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Derwent Valley Light Railway

Come here to experience DVLR at first hand.

In the words of an old song, "You don't know what you've got till it's gone?"


That's not going to be the case with DVLR. The DVLR Society is well aware of what a gem they have here. So much is swept away in changing times, as the icons of the past become the anachronisms of the present. When things are no longer able to keep up the pace or earn their keep, then competition for space, physically or economically, so often demands that they have to go. Holding on to some of the once iconic artefacts is essential to maintain a sense of where our Modern Society has sprung from. The railways provided the framework for the industrialisation of our British Nation. They shaped our modern Society in ways which are often now not realised. On this subject, Liz McIvor's documentary film "Railways-The Making of a Nation" is of interest and may be still available from the BBC. Living museums have become very popular to allow us to experience heritage in action, transporting people back to bygone times. Heritage railways do this nearer to literally than any, but maintaining them is very work intensive. DVLR is run entirely by the volunteers of the DVLR Society. Besides the volunteers visible on open days, there are many more who work "behind the scenes."

Visitors help secure the future of DVLR.


There is nothing more encouraging to the volunteers who brought this railway back physically and maintain and run it than to see its life also successfully brought back on the open days and know people are coming along to enjoy themselves. DVLRS is a charitable non-profit-making organisation. This does not mean that it does not need cash; far from it. Being a charity simply means that all the cash coming in to DVLRS will be used for the benefit of the DVLR heritage railway. The "old" DVLR kept itself solvent, long after other small railways had gone to the wall, by constantly changing to meet the needs of the times. The more visitors DVLR gets, the more the railway is able to earn its keep once again, this time having turned its hand yet again to meet contemporary needs. This time it's for heritage attractions. Earning a sound financial base in this way is one of the cornerstones which will secure DVLR's future.

Please spread the Word. Tell others about Derwent Valley Light Railway.


So, if you have never visited us but are concerned for heritage, then please look up our opening times and help us by coming along to see what you've been missing and enjoy experiencing DVLR heritage in action.


When you've helped us by enjoying yourself, we would love if you could consider helping us again, to get us more widely known despite the constraints of our limited advertising budget. Yes, we bet you've got the idea already; what we're asking is, "Please tell your friends about us and Post about us on your social media." Activities on the line were deliberately hush-hush in WW II. Later, in 1979, publicity described the DVLR as a "well kept secret." We're not keen to remain as York's well kept secret! So please get the metaphorical megaphone out for us. Thanks in anticipation if you'll be spreading the word. DVLRS.


Derwent Valley Light Railway,

c/o Yorkshire Museum of Farming,

Murton Lane, Murton, York, YO19 5UF.

Derwent Valley Light Railway Society is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Registered number 116162