Finding DVLR

Derwent Valley Light Railway

Where is Murton Park Railway Station?


The quaint Murton Park Station is situated within the grounds of Murton Park (incl. Yorkshire Museum of Farming), on the Eastern side of York.


Near both York Bypass and York Ring Road.


Though so close to York, the station is in a lovely secluded situation near Murton village in the countryside yet so near the City. Derwent Valley Light Railway has thus often been described as York's Hidden Gem! Nevertheless, the station is easy and rewarding to find. It is close to both the A64 York Bypass and the A1237 Outer Ring Road.

Coming here from outside York.

The station is easy to access, from all approaches to York, using the Bypass or Outer Ring Road without getting involved in the City's traffic.


Coming here from within York.

Murton Park Station is also within easy reach from all places within York without the need for a long journey to get here, so no large expenditure on fuel.


and Murton Park has on-site, hassle-free, free parking.

Satnav :YO19 5UF

When you get close, you can follow brown tourist information signs for Yorkshire Museum of Farming, our partner organisation at Murton Park.

Navigating to DVLR is as easy as 1,2,3 from A64 York Bypass and here's what to watch for

so that when you're on your way,

it'll seem to you

like déjà vu:


1. At the A64 (York Bypass) junction with the A166 and A1079, take the A166, signed Bridlington, Stamford Bridge etc..

At this point, you are already only half a mile away from us.

The brown tourist sign for Yorkshire Museum of Farming will confirm that you are heading to us.

2. Follow that A166 (described as "Stamford Bridge Road" on the Google map on this page) for just a few hundred yards only then turn left onto Murton Lane.

Again, the left turn is indicated by a brown tourist sign for Yorkshire Museum of Farming.

The sign is positioned on the right hand side of the A166, Stamford Bridge Road

(Of Interest: As you drive along Murton Lane, though you are now in a country lane, you soon pass a number of substantial businesses positioned discreetly behind the trees on either side.

This island of business and commerce, seemingly incongruous with its countryside surroundings, is a legacy of the DVLR. The commmercial presence, adjacent to Murton Station, once encouraged here by DVLR activity, has continued to evolve and prosper right up to the present day.)

Tip for any children in the car: Now is the time to stop asking if you're nearly there, but to watch forwards along the road to try to be first to see the top of some railway rolling stock or the green and cream livery of the station, peeping above the hedgerows .

3. Soon, turn left again where you see the Murton Park (Yorkshire Museum of Farming) sign on the left. Murton Park Station is within Murton Park alongside The Yorkshire Museum of Farming. In the picture, you can see the sign for Murton Park, with the station buildings in the background.

Parking within the grounds: Go along the drive towards Murton Park main building, until at the roundabout, you turn sharp left into the free car park.

Left at Murton Park Sign.

Public transport for getting to Derwent Valley Light Railway.


Murton is served by East Yorkshire Motor Services route 747 (York British Rail Railway Station to Pocklington's EYMS Depot).

EYMS bus timetable information from


Entering Murton Park Station


Murton Park Station is accessed via the Murton Park main entrance building, where you can purchase your tickets, which will give you access to all the attractions of Murton Park, as well as to the Murton Park Station from where you can ride on the train as many times as you like on the day.

See our location on Google Maps:

Derwent Valley Light Railway,

c/o Yorkshire Museum of Farming,

Murton Lane, Murton, York, YO19 5UF.

Derwent Valley Light Railway Society is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Registered number 116162