Derwent Valley Light Railway

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Please forgive this interuption, but:


When looking to link this website with DVLR on Facebook, the current webmaster could find only two unofficial sites, both unused, having been automatically set up by Facebook for adoption by the DVLR following peoples' reports of having "checked in" but no site available to post to. No official DVLR site could be found. While checking for websites with links pointing back at DVLR, on 26th Aug 2016 the original official Facebook site which was being used up to 2015 was discovered. It is called Derwent Valley Railway not Derwent Valley Light Railway, hence probably the reason for the former search failures. The original Facebook website contains a lot of very interesting items as you will see.


I am delighted to tell you that I can now give you the link to view the original official Facebook page:




The merging of these two Facebook sites is being looked into. In the meantime to preserve the chronological sequence of contributions, would you please make any fresh posts to the newer Facebook website:



Derwent Valley Light Railway,

c/o Yorkshire Museum of Farming,

Murton Lane, Murton, York, YO19 5UF.

Derwent Valley Light Railway Society is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Registered number 116162