Santa Claus is coming here to Murton Park in December and he'd like to see you here.


Three Cheers! Santa Claus has once again accepted Murton Park's invitation to join its seasonal festivities. We will be giving him a warm welcome with lots of exciting activities going on while he is here.


DVLR will be running Special trains to celebrate Santa's visit.

Santa's Lapland Countdown Clock.

When do the festivities start?


Santa will be here at Murton Park on lots of days so there'll be plenty of opportunities to see him, starting on 3rd December. Santa's Lapland Countdown Clock shows how long it is until the start of 2016 festivities at Murton Park. If you click on Santa or the D.V.L.R. Santa Special engine and train in the picture below, you'll see Santa's page with details of all the dates.

Santa is just too busy on Christmas Eve.


It's well known that Santa is almost rushed off his sleigh on Christmas Eve. It's amazing how he delivers presents to all the children in a very short time. He is in and out of their houses so fast that children rarely ever see him.

So, see him earlier!


There is a way to see him. Santa will be at Murton Park Station on lots of days before Christmas so that children can see him and spend some time talking with him on the Santa Special trains.

Where is Santa just now?


Santa says, "I am in Lapland at the moment. The elves and I still have lots to do getting the toys sorted and parcelled, but we'll be coming across there before too long to finish the work. I am eagerly counting the time to the start of the festivities. Click on my picture, above, to see my page on the DVLR website and find out what will be happening there."

Looking forward to your days out in 2017? Resolve to enjoy a ride on York's "Blackberry Line."

Regular services recommence in Spring 2017. Derwent Valley Light Railway is fun for all the family.

The "Blackberry" brought back.

With the track lifted and the once lovely little station buildings having fallen into neglect, enthusiastic volunteers of the the Derwent Valley Light Railway Society worked hard to successfully "turn back the clock" and bring back the flavour of the line. Thanks to them, trains now run for about half a mile from Murton Park Station. Friendly volunteer staff are eager to show off the Derwent Valley Light Railway and bring pleasure to fresh and repeat visitors alike. Inside the Station building, there is the DVLR musem and also a gallery of fascinating pictures and stories about the history of the line. If, as is quite likely, these whet your appetite to know even more, the DVLR shop, also inside the station building, stocks the popular book, Rails Along The Derwent. In the shop you can browse through the wide range of mementos available to remind you of your visit.

Murton Park Station. Picture by Jonathan D. Stockwell.

Two York attractions together on the one ticket.

Derwent Valley Light Railway and Murton Park Station are within Murton Park York. Derwent Valley Light Railway works with the Yorkshire Museum of Farming at Murton Park so that your ticket provides superb value. Each ticket is valid for both train (ride as many times as you like on the day) and Yorkshire Museum of Farming including the Viking Village. The kids always not only love riding the train but they'll also enjoy Yorkshire Museum of Farming's Viking Village too.

Derwent Valley Light Railway was formerly a profitable, privately owned line which was never incorporated into British Rail. As the use of the line diminished over time through the increased use of road vehicles, it became, like many lines, uneconomic to run. Its extent gradually diminished until sadly it eventually had to close as a commercial enterprise. But fortunately, thanks to the dedicated work of the Derwent Valley Light Railway Society, you can still get a "taste of the Blackberry Line" and experience its unique character because part of the original line is now a heritage attraction at York, running from the charming, Murton Park Station, York. The station, pictured below, still sports the distinctive Hollybush Green and Cream in its livery, the same livery as was used by the Derwent Valley Light Railway for its stations, from its early years. We'd like to welcome you here so that you can see it for yourself and of course, so that you can enjoy riding on the train.

Derwent Valley Light Railway (DVLR)

"The Blackberry Line" has long been the affectionate colloquial name for this cherished rural railway, Derwent Valley Light Railway (DVLR). It's a standard gauge railway which ran between Layerthorpe, York and Cliffe Common, Selby, with several lovely village stations, including Murton, along the way.

The mix of novel and traditional coaches.

The novel observation coach with its wide view windows is unique to the DVLR.

A traditional Mk1 BR. coach (3805). Pictured by Trevor Humbey.


DVLR Spring-Summer Schedule, 2017.


Derwent Valley Light Railway has its Spring-Summer Running Season starting at Easter and continuing through to the end of September. Trains run on Sundays and Bank Holidays during the Spring-Summer Schedule.

The Running Dates dates and times for 2017 are here.


Check back regularly for news of any special running days which may be added.



On the scheduled running days from April to September (See our "RUNNING" calendar), trains will leave Murton Park Station at the following times:

11.00, 11.30, 12.00, 13.15, 13.45,

14.15, 14.45, 15.15, 15.45, 16.15


Note: While every attempt is made to adhere to the timetable, any departure may be subject to change at short notice.






































































































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About parking and admission.

Parking is free. Tickets include both the rail ride and Yorkshire Museum of Farming in the one ticket. They are purchased at the entrance to Yorkshire Museum of Farming.

On-site parking

is free.

News Latest. 18 October 2016. The last part of the station platform was resurfaced with tarmac, further enhancing the country station image, which is expected to enhance further still once the colour "settles down." For other news, Click below.

Santa Specials.


Always very popular, our Santa Specials will run again in December 2016. To ensure your kids don't miss the Santa Specials and all the fun of the Festive Season, here at Murton Park, why not mark down in your diary now. Click the button for Santa's page.

2016 Santa Specials are in

December on:

Sat. 3rd, Sun. 4th, Sat. 10th, Sun. 11th., Sat. 17th., Sun. 18th.

Thurs.22nd. and Fri. 23rd.

Santa Special is a train not to be missed.

All telephone enquiries via Murton Park on 01904 489966.

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